About Us

The Universe is an infinite place, within this infinity we are dealing with a finite existence; it is in the rapture of these finite ideologies where we have shortened almost everything about our own infinite existence.

From my humble beginning as a child in this world, I was never satisfied with the answers I got to my questions. My Parents and teachers were amused at my questions but never managed to answer them. It could be that they hadn't attempted these questions themselves, or it could simply mean that they were satisfied with the answers found in certain revered texts. But I had decided it will be the seeker within me which will not give up the search for these questions.

I hadn't understood then but my journey of understanding "Self" had begun and Asvanasien was born.

Every question I searched was answered as time moved on but not in ways our human mind is tuned to receive them. These answers were in the life force governing our existence. These answers were in the pulsating love of the universe which encompasses us all. Hello and welcome to Asvanasien – The Science Of Self.

When I use the terminology "Science", I shall be referring to the word as the pure dissection of our thoughts and our reactionary emotions attached to them. Thoughts are what empower us on a certain level and having a clearer picture about them can help solve many limitations about our outlook to life and in doing so tune us to that which is the infinite within our being.

Positivity, Confidence, Determination, Productivity, Direction of Self and Spiritual Knowledge are just a few aspects what will be the outcome once you read and indulge your mind on the work of Asvanasien.

"The Connect" is the first EBook from Asvanasien. Most of those who have read and grasped the information contained in this first series "The Connect" have benefitted on many levels within their consciousness and are today experiencing a freedom they never imagined could be possible. The clarity of their thoughts is the one reason for this freedom they claim.

So be it about inspiration or motivation or even spiritual, Asvanasien – the science of self has thrown light on these very subjects in its first series called the "The Connect". In this series there are more than a 120 quotes written in simple language and more than 40 videos, apart from 7 specifically designed contemplative exercises in an audio format which we believe will assist you in understanding yourself and improve your interaction with the world around you better. Do try our free samples within this website before leaving.