Choices We Make


Choices We Make

A very interesting thesis was once conducted in a reputed university. A bunch of scholars were asked if they prefer a £250,000 job where all their peers also received the same amount in the company; or a £180,000 job where their peers received much less than them in the same company obviously depending on their Job profile. The result was quite astounding no one wanted the 250k job but preferred to be above their peers even though it meant lesser salaries.

The thesis conducted was aimed at human interaction vis-a-vis intelligence applied on specific decision making skills.

The answer was simple "Human intelligence excels on basic feel good emotions". One needs to be above their peers to feel successful. It's like the ones you hang out with set the standards for you.

The conclusion to this thesis was improving your life by making choices of being in the right company.

"We have the choice to feel better about ourselves by choosing the right company it is noted. Just because you have been interacting with specific individuals all your life and complain you don't have time doesn't mean you can't seek better, take out time for yourself first then the next step invest it in the right company, the right people for you."

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