A Celebration of Life


A Celebration of Life

A celebration of life:-

I had a dream of loneliness and despair. The rejection of others pulled at my heart strings. My desires of success were slowly floating away into the abyss. I was a loser, and I knew it, for the world around me imagined me so.

But I awoke from the deep slumber just as the sun dawns on us every day. I looked out and saw a new day; a new beginning. Maybe I had no direction to follow. But I had looked at the distant horizon which proved to me that heaven and earth met somewhere. Where was this heaven? What was this place? I put this to perspective and sighed is relief.

 As my dreams and reality meet somewhere, someplace, that place or situation is not for my ability to only react, for surely that place or situation is for me to act upon too!

The strength I derived by making a "decision" even if it was a flawed one, gave me reason to smile, for I proved to be unique. In this uniqueness there was "me"; a me far from others thoughts and imaginations; a "me" designed by a Creator to think on my own to act upon on my own; a "me" to love and cherish today and every day.

Much love.

Blessings be.