A Lesson in Humility


A Lesson in Humility

The most difficult, the most controversial and the most misunderstood is ~ to find humility~

Because no one really knows the true meaning of it, or what it can do for oneself...

So to the above I elaborate...Finding "Humility" within oneself opens doors to the infinite cosmos and the unseen "God worlds"...knowledge of self your eternal being is what gets realized.

"Humility" is an art which is the first lesson

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taught by the learned spiritual masters to the new seekers and it has to be tracked independently and daily... there is one exercise which I like to share, it's says to hold a constant thought that -

"The other people are nicer than me"

and even though all your reasoning may refute it, the actual build of "Humility" will begin at this step...For there is the unseen wall of ego which surrounds you, which gives you a sense of control...your intelligence forms a part of it too...blocking all types of higher information which is just out of your awareness area...this wall of ego crumbles as humility within oneself sets in and in doing so the light of your true spiritual self starts to shine thru like the rays of the sun simmering on the morning dew found on rose petals...

Here is where your equilibrium of your awareness comes to tune with your higher self...

Try this method remember "The path of awakening the eternal is always through the internal"

Much love

Blessings be