An Atheist Approach


An Atheist Approach

"If the conflict is there, the solution is too"

What really hides itself and makes the conflict last longer than required is the "EGO" of man.

Every conflict has it root cause in its ideologies which were proposed at some point and it's these very ideologies which are defended, politicized or enforced.

But if one were to ask, what's the required ideology to attain the understanding of self and God?... It would be first defining the workings of the EGO within which hides behind these very ideologies itself and makes you think within the enclosure of this superficial spherical dome.

Every "thought" be it right or wrong should be open for debate for only then the hidden EGO will come into the foray.

A real seeker is also an atheist it is said, for he dared to question the unimaginable,  "Who created God?"


And in doing so he just opened a debate, and the fallout of this debate was “The ironic” for he got branded as an



Define your Ego first, take whatever road you must, for you must know someday, "Why do you think the way you do?"

The day you do "define" yourself the magical will happen and true freedom will be within your human grasp.

Much love

Blessings be