A walk outside Of YOU


A walk outside Of YOU

I tried to remember what all I was thinking and doing yesterday. But I couldn't remember much. So I thought, why not remember every single detail today, watch my mind think, and also my actions, so to reflect upon it tomorrow.

Just as I did become aware of my every detail, I noticed how insignificant things have started commanding my being.

And there was the answer why! Why I couldn't remember these details? It is because they were insignificant!

Most of our lives are spent on mostly insignificant things. These things or actions hold no long term value.

But try going out of your way to bring a smile of happiness to another, and more than the other person. You yourself will start recording those positive happenings you initiated. And these, my friends are the humble beginnings of a fantastic journey of eternal happiness. Rise above!

Much love

Blessings be