Awaken into Infinity


Awaken into Infinity

"I shall let my mind wander into the abyss to see if it can reach the helm of creation. I fear not what I may encounter, as am sure to discover a probable explanation for fear too”

The twinkling stars have a story to tell. So does the entire unseen universe, as infinite as it is. In hindsight, there are so many finite things we deal with here in our existence on this planet, a paradox if I may underline, for we belong to this very same universe – the infinite one.

And it's not necessary a "universe" but maybe many universes.

But what if, if the finite is the illusion, and the pure connection made with every living atom here on planet earth is actually an infinite interaction – an endless one!

I’m saying, I’m just saying, that maybe you are experiencing the infinite right now right here, but maybe not with the vision you are used to

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Much love

Awake oh sleeping one!