Dream your Way to Knowledge


Dream your Way to Knowledge

Staring at the night sky watching the billions of stars gaze down at me.

The light from them, which has taken billions of years to reach the earth – to reach me – for this moment,  just for this moment! So I can't help but question this expanse – this Infinity; this Creation!

I have asked and ask again: Where did it all begin? Why did it all begin?

Neither my intelligence, neither my beliefs nor my borrowed knowledge from another can truly convince me of the answer.

The spirituality embedded in this grand design are like fancy jewels which you still have not been able to put a value to.

Therefore I close my eyes and surrender to deep slumber; and dream a dream!

With this great satisfaction that I too am a jewel, and the reason I live is because of the WILL of this great expanse –


Blessings be