Earning Happiness


Earning Happiness

In one of my talks I was asked by a student which attitude is the best to attain for a quicker spiritual realization. He was quite amazed when I suggested that "do away with competitiveness, and instill helpfulness instead".

"But I will lose my edge if I do not compete", he replied.

I asked him then if he knew as to what lengths he is allowed to stretch himself morally to attain success.

"As far as the law permits it" – he quipped.

Amazingly, when I asked him what he was doing in my lecture, he replied that he was finding more ways to succeed in life, and thought maybe spirituality could help!

For all of you, who think that spirituality will give you a successful life (monetarily), let me assure you it's not necessary; but yes, the happiness which is attained from opening up to a greater consciousness, has no comparison in terms of happiness attained from material possession.

That's why it is said the more money you equate your life to, the more the difficult you will find to relate to pure happiness and Joy!

Much love

Blessings be