A Celebration of Life

A celebration of life:-

I had a dream of loneliness and despair. The rejection of others pulled at my heart strings. My desires of success were slowly floating away into the abyss. I was a loser, and I knew it, for the world around me imagined me so.

But I awoke from the deep slumber just as the sun dawns on us every day. I looked out and saw a new day; a new beginning. Maybe I had no direction to follow. But I had looked at the distant horizon which proved to me that heaven and earth met somewhere. Where was this heaven? What was this place? I put this to perspective and sighed is relief.

 As my dreams and reality meet somewhere, someplace, that place or situation is not for my ability to only react, for surely that place or situation is for me to act upon too!

The strength I derived by making a "decision" even if it was a flawed one, gave me reason to smile, for I proved to be unique. In this uniqueness there was "me"; a me far from others thoughts and imaginations; a "me" designed by a Creator to think on my own to act upon on my own; a "me" to love and cherish today and every day.

Much love.

Blessings be.


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A Clean Mind

That first step, that little internal spark to do something; that something more than you normally would do, requires a clear mind.

Thoughts lead to action. Action leads to reaction.

If you want reactions of your deeds to be positive in nature, if you want prosperity, health and good wishes from the people you interact with, then remember, that all it takes, is your mind to feed your consciousness with good thoughts!

Keep your mind clean. And no harm will come your way -

Much love

Blessings be



A Lesson in Humility

The most difficult, the most controversial and the most misunderstood is ~ to find humility~

Because no one really knows the true meaning of it, or what it can do for oneself...

So to the above I elaborate...Finding "Humility" within oneself opens doors to the infinite cosmos and the unseen "God worlds"...knowledge of self your eternal being is what gets realized.

"Humility" is an art which is the first lesson

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taught by the learned spiritual masters to the new seekers and it has to be tracked independently and daily... there is one exercise which I like to share, it's says to hold a constant thought that -

"The other people are nicer than me"

and even though all your reasoning may refute it, the actual build of "Humility" will begin at this step...For there is the unseen wall of ego which surrounds you, which gives you a sense of control...your intelligence forms a part of it too...blocking all types of higher information which is just out of your awareness area...this wall of ego crumbles as humility within oneself sets in and in doing so the light of your true spiritual self starts to shine thru like the rays of the sun simmering on the morning dew found on rose petals...

Here is where your equilibrium of your awareness comes to tune with your higher self...

Try this method remember "The path of awakening the eternal is always through the internal"

Much love

Blessings be



A memory of sorts


All that binds or repels is memory... And “Memory” by itself disintegrates when an external superior force is applied upon...

Every molecule is a memory in its form...the gravitational force and the magnetic force of the earth too...

It the "memory" which keeps the planet and it's satellites in orbit spinning for billions of years.


Your life is a compilation of events which are structured into a memory format...even your desires form a part of it!

The great external force (God) can rip apart all my memories by a single stroke, And illuminate my being with pure knowledge... But it chooses to love like no other by layering my memory with more events...

Thus forcing me to find a way out...and in doing his "will" I improve my memory and redefine my uniqueness...

The amount of perfection in this universe is mind numbing...just putting your thoughts on this alone is opening your memory into another dimension!

Much love

Blessings be


A Moment in Greater Consciousness

A being so powerful that it encompasses the entire universe and constantly pulsates with the everlasting breath of consciousness in its entirety, has no single form; no definition of shape or structure. It is revered as the formless; a source of pure love.

What would it be to be like him? The formless! Would it be to enhance and stretch our egos to a precision of perfection, or dilute our egos altogether, and try and encompass love and humility, compassion and benevolence just to imitate him?

It is said that if you could infuse these qualities in yourself even for a moment, you would never turn back to human consciousness.

"Just a thought to spend a second in"

Blessings be


A Reflection of a spotless Mind


Just like the reflection in the mirror or on a water body, the human mind reflects "your"

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image and thoughts in the way "you" perceive other people.

They may be not that bad after all. It could, just could be that you yourself have imagined doing the unimaginable if you were in their shoes.

Cleanse your mind. Cleanse your thoughts for a better co-relation with humanity.

Much love

Blessings be



A seeker of perfection


I fear no mistakes... I pay no heed to advice... For I envision perfection first... It's the mistakes which drive me to realign myself... And at every step of realignment I perfect "That" what is best for me!


Am fearless today or so I believe, wandering in the unknown pathways of life. There are hardships once the sun sets I know...for darkness itself can swallow the faith of any man...

No I will not light the torch of faith... Not yet... Not now...

"For I have to first learn to see in darkness too..."

Much love

Blessing be



A Seeker’s Insight

I am sad today.

Not because someone hurt me.

Not because I lost something of importance!

I am sad simply because I lost vision of the truth that nothing last forever.

 I am but a mystery myself, walking amidst the deep forest of this world’s chaos, with only "curiosity" and "love" within my heart as a survival kit.

 Fear can elude me for a while from the truth, but not change my will from seeking it!

I shall seek today. I shall seek now, for sadness cannot rule my being forever.

Much love

Blessings be



A walk outside Of YOU

I tried to remember what all I was thinking and doing yesterday. But I couldn't remember much. So I thought, why not remember every single detail today, watch my mind think, and also my actions, so to reflect upon it tomorrow.

Just as I did become aware of my every detail, I noticed how insignificant things have started commanding my being.

And there was the answer why! Why I couldn't remember these details? It is because they were insignificant!

Most of our lives are spent on mostly insignificant things. These things or actions hold no long term value.

But try going out of your way to bring a smile of happiness to another, and more than the other person. You yourself will start recording those positive happenings you initiated. And these, my friends are the humble beginnings of a fantastic journey of eternal happiness. Rise above!

Much love

Blessings be



About Balance

A walk on a tightrope with balance beam on your hand is best compared to seeking "pure happiness and focus" in living this life to its fullest!

Either side of the balance beam has a quality namely "optimism" & "pessimism"; and if either One gets your attention for too long, you will lose your focus and fall of the rope of pure happiness!

Take a step at a time! Weigh the pros and cons! It’s the "neutral" path which will help you get

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there! There never are shortcuts, only illusions of them beneath the tight rope you walk on called LIFE.

Much love.

Blessings be.