Absolute Freedom

When you walk the path to self discovery, freedom will be the byproduct: Freedom

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of thought and expression. Along with freedom you will also learn discrimination, so that you can use your power of choice wisely!

Then when you start making choices – choices which seem difficult, you start carving out a destiny for yourself and those who believe in you.

So if you feel your life is going nowhere, remember it is then time to break away from the routine comfort of the way things are and take control in the driver’s seat! You always, always will find freedom in doing so, and the choice is yours! Come forth and experience your freedom! Take the plunge to self discovery!

Much love

Blessings be



An Atheist Approach

"If the conflict is there, the solution is too"

What really hides itself and makes the conflict last longer than required is the "EGO" of man.

Every conflict has it root cause in its ideologies which were proposed at some point and it's these very ideologies which are defended, politicized or enforced.

But if one were to ask, what's the required ideology to attain the understanding of self and God?... It would be first defining the workings of the EGO within which hides behind these very ideologies itself and makes you think within the enclosure of this superficial spherical dome.

Every "thought" be it right or wrong should be open for debate for only then the hidden EGO will come into the foray.

A real seeker is also an atheist it is said, for he dared to question the unimaginable,  "Who created God?"


And in doing so he just opened a debate, and the fallout of this debate was “The ironic” for he got branded as an



Define your Ego first, take whatever road you must, for you must know someday, "Why do you think the way you do?"

The day you do "define" yourself the magical will happen and true freedom will be within your human grasp.

Much love

Blessings be





"I take time to understand the other, for I wish not to be misunderstood myself."

"assumptions" I underline is what we carve out in our minds about another persons,  persona! And misunderstanding's always stem from these very assumptions...

Be patient in dealing with others... refrain from character assassination of the person, for all you know the person in question might really not be as "bad" as you imagined...

Forming assumptions about others based on little or no direct interaction with the person is a way of taking on a great amount of "Negative" energy!

Spare yourself from the negative energy ...give that someone one more chance, for all you know you might just embark on a fantastic journey of friendship and/or Love!

Spread the joy


Much love



Awaken into Infinity

"I shall let my mind wander into the abyss to see if it can reach the helm of creation. I fear not what I may encounter, as am sure to discover a probable explanation for fear too”

The twinkling stars have a story to tell. So does the entire unseen universe, as infinite as it is. In hindsight, there are so many finite things we deal with here in our existence on this planet, a paradox if I may underline, for we belong to this very same universe – the infinite one.

And it's not necessary a "universe" but maybe many universes.

But what if, if the finite is the illusion, and the pure connection made with every living atom here on planet earth is actually an infinite interaction – an endless one!

I’m saying, I’m just saying, that maybe you are experiencing the infinite right now right here, but maybe not with the vision you are used to

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Much love

Awake oh sleeping one!



Be Happy

I have seen people long for commitment in relationships and financial security to such a great extent, that they become completely vulnerable in their quest for it; and more often than not, land themselves in great agony. From there on, their lives are filled with resentments and pain simply because they feel they have been victimized.

The goal of life, if evaluated, must not be against the back drop of "Happiness". One must not attach

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this greatest joy to achievements set out by yourself or by those who have unknowingly influenced you.

Let happiness prevail in your life like the constant fragrance of love which you experience from little nothings. And the rest of the goals will be achieved faster than you can ever imagine.

Much love

Blessings be



Being Human

What can I say? I need to immerse myself in this life and be "human" as they say.

Am I still searching this answer to this eternal question, or do I know what makes me human after all?

It’s not just the ability to learn from our mistakes I’m sure; nor the ability to forgive. It is surely more than the ability to love selflessly I believe; and something also tells me it's all of the above and MORE.

Could being human mean in its true sense a "realization” that as my human form ceases to walk this planet eventually, I would have actually ripened a greater consciousness of being one with God? And could it also be that all it takes for this consciousness to grow in its ripened form is to put our thoughts to this great universal being at least once every day?

I do think of him more than once daily; and it’s in my ability to do this consciously. And that, my friends, is what I consider a pure definition of "being human"!

Much love

Blessings be




A good wish is also a "Blessing"; a silent thought which transforms another's energies.

Wish along then. You too have that power to influence another. Your good thoughts for another might just improve theirs and in this grand circle of life be rest assured that the same energy will find its way back to you.

To receive love is to give it first.

Much love

Blessings be



Born of Love

It's not difficult to learn righteousness, or to give lessons of justice to others. This is because both these two qualities of righteousness and justice are highly prevalent in law books of the society's we live in.

What is of difficulty is to teach or to learn lessons of pure love. This is because windows of opportunity regarding love very seldom present themselves.

So here is what I say. When an opportunity to reach out and express love to someone who needs it shows up, go forward and play

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the part of the angel who wields the power to give love!

You have it in you; for you are born out of the same material God created this universe with – "Love".

Much love

Blessings be



Breaking down the stone wall

The greatest emotional burden one carries is the one caused by oneself... That part of you which puts all "Trust and Faith" in another. It is always a trusting heart which gets broken... All your emotional pain if evaluated will find its root cause in your trusting self!

To rid yourself of this emotional burden is never easy, but it is a requirement for a more loving and enriched life...

The pen and paper always works best... For once you write it down you visit that sensitive part of your experience... You re-live it and in doing so you start understanding yourself bit by bit... And at a point of recounting you will enter a viewpoint where you blame no one not even yourself... Let the silence of that moment absorb you and that is the point of healing...

The dark energy of resentment... The propagated ideologies of guilt... Those shades of living your life as the one who was victimized are all meaningless, for you create a stone wall around your true self... That "self" which is the

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only part of yourself capable of receiving pure love from the creator himself...

Much love




Call it God

There is but so much one can put their attention on. It is but a limited commodity, trust me!

The only problem I perceive is that one is always lost on what to put their attention on.

Should one put their attention on finances, or on relationships? Should one go with politics or the current trend of recent events? Or maybe put their attention on the past or future?

The list is quiet endless. But your capacity to emotionally charge you up, or bring you down depends totally on this limited commodity.

Think about this. Read what I have posted just one more time.  And just surrender and put your attention on something far more worthy far more beautiful – the real love you are receiving from an unknown source in the form of life, your life, place your hand on your chest feel that heartbeat and thank this "Force" – call it GOD if you must!

Much love

Blessings be