Choices We Make

A very interesting thesis was once conducted in a reputed university. A bunch of scholars were asked if they prefer a £250,000 job where all their peers also received the same amount in the company; or a £180,000 job where their peers received much less than them in the same company obviously depending on their Job profile. The result was quite astounding no one wanted the 250k job but preferred to be above their peers even though it meant lesser salaries.

The thesis conducted was aimed at human interaction vis-a-vis intelligence applied on specific decision making skills.

The answer was simple "Human intelligence excels on basic feel good emotions". One needs to be above their peers to feel successful. It's like the ones you hang out with set the standards for you.

The conclusion to this thesis was improving your life by making choices of being in the right company.

"We have the choice to feel better about ourselves by choosing the right company it is noted. Just because you have been interacting with specific individuals all your life and complain you don't have time doesn't mean you can't seek better, take out time for yourself first then the next step invest it in the right company, the right people for you."

Much love



Comprehend the Illusion

It has been noted by learned and high thinkers that "GRIEF" is the outcome of self inflicted thought patterns.

If you posses thoughts of "belonging" and "achievements" on a daily basis, then you set the pace of starting to believe in them more than the universal truth – that human life is a temporary physical experience and more an eternal one searching soul.

Concepts like the above, to let go "daily" and that nothing really belongs to you, and that all is a "moving film reel”, etc, is

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sometimes hard to comprehend.

But try it. Let your physical eyes be a lens of a movie projector and view everything as a temporary event: And "YOU" actually is experiencing an illusion of 3D reality!

Much love.



Dream your Way to Knowledge

Staring at the night sky watching the billions of stars gaze down at me.

The light from them, which has taken billions of years to reach the earth – to reach me – for this moment,  just for this moment! So I can't help but question this expanse – this Infinity; this Creation!

I have asked and ask again: Where did it all begin? Why did it all begin?

Neither my intelligence, neither my beliefs nor my borrowed knowledge from another can truly convince me of the answer.

The spirituality embedded in this grand design are like fancy jewels which you still have not been able to put a value to.

Therefore I close my eyes and surrender to deep slumber; and dream a dream!

With this great satisfaction that I too am a jewel, and the reason I live is because of the WILL of this great expanse –


Blessings be



Earning Happiness

In one of my talks I was asked by a student which attitude is the best to attain for a quicker spiritual realization. He was quite amazed when I suggested that "do away with competitiveness, and instill helpfulness instead".

"But I will lose my edge if I do not compete", he replied.

I asked him then if he knew as to what lengths he is allowed to stretch himself morally to attain success.

"As far as the law permits it" – he quipped.

Amazingly, when I asked him what he was doing in my lecture, he replied that he was finding more ways to succeed in life, and thought maybe spirituality could help!

For all of you, who think that spirituality will give you a successful life (monetarily), let me assure you it's not necessary; but yes, the happiness which is attained from opening up to a greater consciousness, has no comparison in terms of happiness attained from material possession.

That's why it is said the more money you equate your life to, the more the difficult you will find to relate to pure happiness and Joy!

Much love

Blessings be



Eggs in a Basket

In India we pride ourselves with something called "Doorstep services" every commodity you can imagine at your doorstep... One such incident I like to share with you'll.


My local bread and eggs delivery man religiously comes everyday at a fixed time to my house and rings the bell delivering the much required supplies... Well I noticed how he carries the delicate items and suggested an alternative to him. By which the eggs would be safe while he transports them on his old rusted bicycle.

Imagine carrying over 360 eggs in a jute bag over the handle bar of his cycle... One slip and its disaster.

He smiled and said "Sir it's because of the way I carry them I am careful while cycling all the way here. The day I get comfortable I might get reckless and then for sure I would lose more than just the eggs"

I was amazed at his insight and the spiritual lesson he left behind with me... Are problems and difficulties in life a way God keeps us in check? Knowing that if he comforts us sooner than required it might just be disastrous for our spiritual growth...

Whatever you'll may conclude is not that important... What is, is the ability to learn life's lessons from the most unassuming teachers....

Much love

Blessings be



Evaluation of my Purpose

Been seeing this world, and not with just my eyes; I have felt the pain but not just superficially. I have understood the chaos and it's not just with my mind.

The imbalance around is being caused by unprecedented greed, lust, vanity, anger and attachment.

And somewhere the machinery is a much undaunted selfish

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approach to everything around you.

I therefore resign from this human self every once in a while and seek a better outlook to life.

So in my solitude, when I am by myself, I evaluate a higher self – go by my own path so to break my own limitations. I shall rise above I’m sure, for I have come here to survive – not just physically but spiritually too.

Much love





I have questioned everything and yet found no answers to a many.

I have believed in much too much, but still have found no mental comfort.

I have done what must be done to all my capabilities, but yet there is a void within my being.

Why? I ponder while I gaze at the sunset: Why must it all end one day? While the blanket of darkness envelops the evening sky, the twinkling stars further my inquisitiveness.

Where do I really come from? When? When did I really come into existence?

Then is when the deep echoes of my voice consume my entire being, and it says – I have not entered this existence by sheer chance; but just like the stars and the moon above by a definite design!

"If I didn't exist neither would this universe around"



Experience – the Teacher

Change in one’s outlook only and only takes place because of experience! Not others’ experiences, but one’s own!

"Experience" comes through only the passage of time. For example, I never knew what changes would transpire in my mindset and heart till I lost a loved one. The experience of losing a loved one translated into a deeper understanding of my life. Something no book or attending a lecture would give me.

So I say this: Don't rob yourself of experience and wish only for the good! (radical approach) but in all faith seek emotional strength to cope with the bad experience coming your way.

For ultimately the greatest teacher of life is EXPERIENCE. And that's what we are here for!

Much love

Blessings be



Find Yourself

This is right. That is wrong. Being opinionated, politicizing events; trying hard to impress someone; Hiding from truth; making assumptions; then changing outlook. "Talking of win-win situations all the time"; getting angry about issues just for effect; then finding a resolve to make a point. THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

Do you find your personality hidden somewhere in this list? If so then remember that you have a long way to understand the real meaning of being one with YOURSELF! For as long as you are trying

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to win people or are being affected by them in some way or the other, finding yourself is close to impossible.

What good is finding yourself? Many may ask! The answer lies in the discovery itself!

Is it a "must" to find yourself - as others may ask: For them, it's a definite "yes" for they are following dictates of others to long.

To know oneself is to befriend a great individual called "YOU".

Much love

Blessings be



Finding Contentment

People complain and wish life gave

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them a second chance. They wish and they wish and even sometimes pray for it. But I have known many who even haven't had a chance at all.

All it takes is to look around you and watch closely, and you will find so many who have never been given a chance. So, never complain!

Finding contentment is opening your heart to love!

Much love

Blessings be