Finding the Flow of Pure Knowledge

One of the principal reasons you have a human embodiment is."____________"

The arguments and beliefs put forward on this topic are so varied that it has left marks on each individual’s perception and faith.

I for that matter have understood this that "something within us lives on; imprints of distant memories and unfulfilled desires. Even the sadness and joys of the life just lived are recorded somewhere in our mental magnetic field."

But the pure sprit which powers your being pumps life into your heart, has to complete the full circle.

Your existence (life) started out in a blank mental state for you to enter the pure sprit worlds beyond physical death. The mental magnetic field too has to be reset; all energy's neutralized, and your perception from the "I" to a state of being which would be the all encompassing consciousness which perceives the awakened state, the sleep state, and the cross over state as a constant dream state".

So I say this: pure knowledge flows in when you experience the constant dream state within.

Maybe this is what I experience, imagine and just share. Who knows? Or maybe I do.

Much Love

Blessings Be.



Forgive All

"Mistake not the grudge you hold as something to pride upon, as it is the cancer which eats your very being alive".

Of all the virtues I therefore prefer to see forgiveness in others.  Forgiveness sits atop the pyramid of life and beneath it – kindness, harmony and charity.

"Forgiveness" should be understood as a complete act in itself; and is never conditional. Forgiveness is the beginning of a self healing process. So let go of those timeless grudges you've held so long.

Let the kindness within you guide you harmoniously towards a blessed charity. "Forgive" and pave your way to an excellent spiritual health!

Much love

Blessings be



Goodness – The Eternal Guide

The impetuosity is every man has lead to a state of total degradation. His will has been surrendered but to a monetary confinement. All he does must be rewarded with a payment which he can see swell in his bank account. How then, can he explore his true intelligence, his true being?

The functioning of your mental self uses two basic methods to perceive the world around – one of compartmentalization, and the other of definition.

If every opportunity to change oneself and open the gates to a higher consciousness starts resting purely on the definition of "monetary gain" where even doing a certain good needs to have a tangible outcome. Such is how the purpose to do good itself stands defeated!

So let go of all definitions. Do not compartmentalize, or try to give structure or reason for doing good. It is the only way to experience your true identity, your true intelligence your true being. The goodness in you is your guiding light for the eternal journey within!

Much love

Blessings be



I Love You

If I were "only" the ocean I would command the tides in your favour.

If I were "only" the wind I would sculpt the mountain ranges in your image.

If I were "only" the fire I would burn the ultimate desire of love in your heart.

If I were "only" the earth you stood on I would record your every gracious footprint.

But I chose to embody you too, so I can see what you see, to feel what you feel; experience what you experience.

I am in you as much as you are in me. So don't question my love for you. As your existence, it is in itself the mark of my love for you.





Inspiration is one side of an

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Friends, teachers, family, famous personalities and sometimes even books and knowledge about great men who have walked this planet inspire us.

But inspiration is just half of the conquest – half of the effort. Inspiration needs to form the complete circle where you find the reason behind everything you do; everything you stand for or believe in.

The other side of the equation is finding "THAT" creative force in you which by itself inspires you, motivates you to achieve – not just to succeed in what you strive for but motivates you beyond reason to find the "Truth behind this illusion of life".

And this striving to seek, by itself, is a deep calling of your soul to unite with the great consciousness "GOD" to unleash your creative self. Start believing in yourself.

Self inspiration a path to enlightenment!

Much love.

Blessing be.



It Will Happen

That one moment "that" missed judgment, is what it took to change everything which came about because of it.

One will never "know" or even understand the implications of one’s own action it is said; till the outcome or event comes to


Do you know that even this post that you are reading, has taken up some of your time from the universe, and delayed an action which you might have been thinking of undertaking, and which in turn would precede another action and so on?

Not that you might have lost time, but possibly might have delayed your time to a favorable condition.

So here are the dynamics. "Let it go if things don't work out according to you. The universe knows best".

Much love

Blessings be



Know what Love is

One of the most mysterious energies I have encountered is the one between two individuals who are emotionally involved in a committed relationship with each other. We refer this to this energy as "Love”, but in all honesty it's more than that.

You get connected with persons on a very physic level. You can unknowingly be doing things which you know will please your partner. Sometimes, you may even consciously be doing things to please the one concerned, even though it doesn't really make you happy,

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because in reality, "all what the heart desires is truly to feel pure love"; a sense of knowing that the one you sacrifice so much for "appreciates" your efforts.

But sadly, this mysterious energy is the cause of much heartache.

Tweak this mysterious energy a bit and search not for reciprocity. Open your heart a hundred fold – a thousand fold if you must. Love like there is no tomorrow in this radiant life of yours, to feel the purest form of love. You will have to give it till you feel it.

Much love.

Blessings be.


Know what Matters

"I am in the loss of words sometime. Though I know what I want to say”.

The interpretation is what holds me back. Not that one has given

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up and surrendered.

You, in all your knowledge and experience must also develop the ability to recognize when an argument with someone you love must be put to an end. It is not that you are wrong, but after a point everything starts getting misrepresented, causing more harm.

In a loving relationship, the people involved are who must matter most. Never the event!

Much love

Blessings be


Knowledge and Humanity

A few fortunate know that educating oneself, learning new skills,

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graduating, mastering and involving one’s intelligence in any subject has little to do with monetary success, but more for the "Love" of knowledge itself! It is unwise therefore to think of education as financial freedom, even though that freedom is a byproduct of it.

“Knowledge" gained ultimately translates into spiritual awakening, with "Humanity" being the byproduct of it.

Much love

Blessings be



Lady Luck


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a positive deed, so to create a positive memory each day and reflect upon a past one too. Let the negativity you have picked up over time get diluted by this act alone, and see how your life and all your endeavors thereof attract the other side of positivity – “LADY LUCK".

Much Love.

Blessings be.