Lessons within Ego

A person’s ego is generally a muddled up version of their single minded perception of the God created world around them. Our conflict with egotistic people also arises out the very same fabric which we have painted on of the world around us.

If ever you want to look beyond the person and make peace with such a one, search not the qualities in them which may comfort you. Seek the life force which is powering this very same soul, this ego, which in turn is interacting with you. Search the lesson which the creator is sending through them for you to unfold. Seek the creator himself in their being.

This is the first step of fine tuning yourself with "Universal Love".

Much love

Blessings be



Love Completes All

The true romantic with the eagerness of the expression of the heart, holds no pride; nor hide himself behind the veil of materialistic power he posses. To melt that heart he truly desires, his love, his honesty his compassion will come to his aid.

She will respond, not with her voice, but with her heavenly grace. Her approval will test the waters of commitment and straightforwardness. All she will desire will be reminders of pure love from thereon.

Man and women were created as a tandem unit. Their unison is meant to be and not necessary through social statuses but through the invisible force of the "heart". 

There is always a lesson to learn in love. And always, the unsung song will be “That only LOVE will complete you.” So I say find it in heart of another human or seek it in the heart of GOD!

Much love

Love always!



Manifesting your Dreams

I have given up. Given up on "trying! For if I TRY, I am able to tell the difference between effort and comfort; and sure enough I will always seek the latter. To truly follow your dreams, to succeed in all you wish, there has to be no effort. You have to be in pure harmony and tandem with your dreams. You have to synergize your energy with that of your Goal. You have to live it first by believing you have already attained it. And somehow the "giving force" – the spirit of life – will always bring you there.

Much love

Blessings be



Money & Fame

I have nothing against successful people. But I just wish that those who consider the successful "Successful" keep their views to themselves;

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for somehow it highlights the LOSER / ENVIOUS quality in them.

If you really want to appreciate another person, then please do search for a certain quality in them which is beyond “money" or "Fame".

In reality the above mentioned “money” and “fame” are byproducts of being in the right place at the right time!

If you ever view the circle of life closely you will agree to what I mean.

Much love

Blessings be



Mysterious Ways

I have heard many a complaint, that – “I have been so good; why do bad things happen to me?".

The fact is that the goodness within you should never be looked on as a reason for you to be rewarded.

For the workings of goodness is purely to open up a new dimension in your thinking about why the things are the way they are. It is the elixir, the sweet energy required to read the workings of "God"; and in doing so coming to realize His abundant love for you along with His Creation!

Be patient when faced with adversity; because God’s ways are mysterious; but never against you.

Much love

Blessings be



New Hope

It is in the morning, "that beautiful morning“, which brings hope in the form of rays through the mist covered mountains.

Those delicate dew drops which gently tip down from the tree tops.

That bustling downward water stream; the cool morning wind which rustles through the trees. The chirping musical sounds of the birds; all start to unify and play the grand orchestra of "caring love" that Mother Nature has towards its creatures.

It's strange then, that

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how we miss this calling of truth which surrounds us all every day.

So here is a reminder; just a little reminder! Leave the baggage you carry of yesterday, as today is again filled with a new hope!

Much love

Blessings be



On Luck

You have all the required knowledge to improve your life. You have this knowledge locked deep in your consciousness. You have tested these concepts subconsciously and have felt a great relief. But you called it “luck" or just expressed it as having a good day!

You, in all your right are not just a human existence. You are but beyond the pages of this human form. You are a universal entity.  A child of the stars. You have the capacity and have read the minds of your foes and friends too. But you acted selfishly; selfishly only to validate and preserve your egotistical stature.

It was when "selfless thoughts" had overcome your being in that momentarily subconscious spark you experienced a change of "Luck" And the key to this master lock was "divine intervention" which is found with a selfless heart! Only the selfless heart!


Much love

Blessings be



Open your Mind

From "Perception" to "Interpretation" is where the root to conflict lies. The barbed wire around prejudice is actually a self mockery of old rusted ideologies.

To open your thoughts and to let the flow of positive energy flow outwards towards every living being belongs to no specific religion. It's the basic "capability" of every man. Open your mind.

Much love

Blessings be



Peace & Harmony – The Guiding Forces

Wouldn't it be wonderful, just simply wonderful, if all profits made by the media covering negative events would go to the same families of those very same victims being covered?

At least when we tune our TV sets, to that TV channel highlighting their misfortunes, we would not just be spectators but we actually would be helping by watching.

For those who don't know advertisers (cash-flow/income) only go where viewership is most.

Other than these, I recommend don't fill your life with negativity just because it's being highlighted. Remember someone somewhere is making big money on your vulnerabilities.

May peace and harmony be your guiding force.

Much love

Blessings be



Pebble in the Lake

I picked up a pebble just to throw it deep in the lake... The ripples it formed reached my foot where I stood in the shallow water's...it happened slowly but surely...

This action had created a result it seemed...And quite literally I like to think of the "Great being" in the similar sense...

Our consciousness has been thrown like a pebble clothed in a physical body in this great "existence" or call it the ocean of cause and effect...and like ripples on the water, the ups and downs, the good and the bad we will weather on this return journey home...

Quite similarly we will be reaching his heavenly grace a little by little and our consciousness will touch his feet, his heavenly grace slowly but surely...

Throw a pebble in a lake today and visualize this truth yourself...

Much love