Preparedness... To be willing to accept that anything, anytime , anywhere can go wrong or not as you expected and you still have the required tools to fix it!

But this preparedness I wish to imply on people we trust and people we love...

We seldom expect a loved one to change towards us or a trusted friend or family member let us down where trust issues are concerned...

But what if the unimaginable does happen to you! Do you have the tools to fix the relationship in question?

I therefore like to view a relationship purely on strengths of compassion and forgiveness from my perspective..

Do I have it in me to forgive and forgo the issue and still welcome the person in my life? If so... Then I have achieved the ability to love without condition... A non conditional love is a doorway to your higher self... It is a tool of preparedness... It is a deterrent of a selfish personality...

Love without bounds

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for YOU deserve it!

Much love


Blessings be



Reason Your Way to Harmony


 We all have reasons to do things we do... And this reasoning is also sometimes the cause of great pain to ourselves and others...

 I always say to such individuals that if you have eaten just one slice of a pizza why did you order the whole pizza?

In other words the reasoning of your pain should not just stop at the "problem discovered", but instead go for the extra inch of understanding, ask yourself why is it there in the first place! And next, how do I make this problem go away...

I consider people who discover problems as self attested negative individuals! Cause they tend to "stop" reasoning at the discovery of the problem and start "reacting" to it... The incomplete circle is like a half eaten pizza ... One has to eat the whole pizza while it hot and tasty! You have to reason further and arrive at solutions not just react to it!

 So if problem is discovered, you need to move to "Problem understood", and finally to the solution...and don't you love it when you hear "No problem señor!"

 Much love

 Blessings be



Recognize Love

Let your mind wander and seek answers to your existence.

Evaluate your answers against the backdrop of Love that you give to others and the love you receive from others. And for all you know, maybe it's this very factor which keeps your heart beating here, keeping you alive and well; happy and content.

It is said that the spiritual "winds of love" is what binds all humanity together.

It's the never ending imagination of the creator which has “already” empowered your imagination to seek love’ to give love; and for you to feel his love always. Sometimes these

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currents of pure love manifests in your life at certain points just to protect you and put you back on track of seeking your higher self . Recognizing this love is in your hands.

Much love

Blessings be



Silence in divinity

It is the poetic silence which devoured the mental capability... And taught the mind to believe in its own supremacy... Your EGO was born out of the "Great Silence" of the supreme being... Or "HE" who most of us refer to as "God"

It is in "silence" therefore where you will find the true meaning of "God"

It is also in the same "silence" where you will achieve the mastery over your mind...

Gift yourself some silence each day... It is after all the divine quality of the supreme being himself...

Much love

Blessings be



Simple Harmony

Take a moment to read if you are feeling low; disturbed.

Why give so much of your attention to issues and lose talk of people who really don't care about you?

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Also, why take the trouble to hit back at them? What difference does it really make if society around you disliked you?

Nothing, and absolutely nothing; for I have known people who survive dislike of others and yet are perfectly happy. In fact the same society cushions and fans their egos too.

It doesn't really take much to set things straight. For once you learn the art to ignore and ignore without "Prejudice" you will not think of them at all. Leave getting back at them, for these very same people will come across in your mental framework as people who are just faces in the crowd of 6 billion.

If you must do something for yourself, you must work hard to find a "simple harmony" within your own being and live in the peace which comes from it.

Much love

Blessings be.



Simplicity & Integrity

Mind games are played by many. We recognize some but are unaware of the majority.

Safeguard your individuality and emotional integrity by simplicity in thought, word and deed.

Remind yourself daily "that what matters is not what others think; but what you think about yourself"!

Don't fall in your value system by using means other than your true self just to impress

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Seek the ability to find balance, peace and love within your own surrounding.

And lastly, remember that others can never give you Love the way you can "LOVE" yourself!

Much love

Blessings be



Spiritual Quotient Unplugged

The world is designed in a way that forces one to compete to succeed, you have to be the best, better than the rest, and the secret is by being "selfish" you will always gain an edge over the other...

But a selfish state of mind will only alienate one from another in the long run...

And this individualistic ability of climbing over others to reach the top and using all means under the garb of EQ and IQ to do it will eventually rob you of SQ!

Yes Spiritual Quotient is a force to reckon with. In this man made jungle where everything is pitched under the common umbrella of monetary gain and  success, you have been  robbed considerably of SQ.

Your pristine character, your space of mental & emotional balance, your ability to attract love, and your compassionate self are all a part of SQ.

So every once in a while do consider evaluating yourself from your spiritual quotient viewpoint. For in doing so you might just influence a whole lot of others who are connected to you, to find their SQ too.

Much love

Blessings be



Synthesizing harmony :-

Maybe I am wrong, wrong in my perspective entirely, but how am I to know? For if anyone suggests an alternative I am capable of beating them with my arguments completely... You see I have the gift of "Gab"...or so I believe...

But some have managed to win arguments just by intimidating me by raising their voices or displaying irrational behavior... So I conclude it’s a method I must adopt to forward my ways of asserting my arguments based on my perspective, but again how am I to know if I am wrong?

It is said for sensibilities to see light; a harmonious existence is a must...

Look back at history; it has always been in times of peace where culture, art and knowledge

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have flourished...

Arguments, irrational behavior, intimidation are actually a hindrance for a genuine good to come about in our own personal environment.

Your home and your work environment is where

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you have to synthesize harmony completely... By believing, just believing in the productiveness of the outcome it offers... This should motivate you enough to seek it...

So your questions of whether you are wrong or right will not imply, as your own harmonious existence would have begun to guide you and your decisions all along... Remember a peaceful existence is the only way to achieving the first phase of happiness...

Much love

Blessings be



The "Caring" self

Spiritually asking -

"Is it important to care for people, who don't care about you?"

Breaking this question down in the "worldly" sense the answer is a sure negative, but putting this under the spiritual viewpoint...and the whole meaning of this question changes...

For the day one finds the answer to this question... He would have realized much more about himself than he could ever conceive...

For to "Care" is to look into the heart of another.... Before the whimper of pain can echo... The soothing balm of love and understanding would have dressed their emotional wounds... This person in question even if turned his back to you after you would have healed him...would have left you with a great gift of understanding compassion...

And after you experience "Compassion" in its true sense... You will be incapable of turning your back to "compassion" itself! The walk of spiritual discovery opens multitude doors within your being... "Being Caring" is just one of them...

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Much love

Blessings be



The analogy of "ODDS"

I was parked at a traffic signal today waiting for the light to turn green when on the opposite side of the road a truck loaded with oranges just passed by over a speed braker and with the velocity it travelled and the momentum, the impact of the wheels on the speed braker made an orange, a single orange fly up and land smack in the middle of the road... Undamaged.

The orange was slowly rolling to the sidewalk as the road was slightly inclined... When more cars, trucks and motorcycles started zooming on that road.. I was sure the orange had no chance to make it and soon ants were going to have orange juice as breakfast... More than a hundred vehicles passed and nothing, absolutely "nothing" happened to the orange... 

The orange rolled to the curb and stayed there... Till an urchin who was begging near a traffic signal came and picked it up... Peeled it and started eating it.

There are many ways to look at a simple incident like this but just applying a spiritual principal behind it changes everything about it, here goes…

1. Life no matter how tough or hard it may seem your destiny is not governed by the obvious..Your fate is your precise timing of doing things and things happening to you because of it... Like the orange rolling at a specific speed cause of the shape and size it was, saved it from being squashed by oncoming traffic. Think about it, if it was larger or smaller the rolling speed of it would be different and therefore its fate, so no matter what information you may have gathered regarding your fears - "it may not apply to you" you like the orange are rolling down a specific timeline designed only for you. And the traffic can be denoted as your fears...

2. The universe figured out a way to feed the urchin. Maybe his body required vitamin C. Which he was totally unaware of but none the less it was provided for him... We are just like the Urchin we have been provided different forms of mental and emotional nourishment by the universe and are totally unaware of it... Therefore being complacent about it we seek only what we desire, but take away those things which actually give you the mental and emotional support... And "DESIRE" would just be a word from a dictionary having nothing to do with your life. Be grateful for the people in your life, they are they for a purpose too.

Much love