The Destination

So many mundane thoughts which fill my mind... So many real questions left unanswered... & So many daily miracles overlooked!

I walk this journey alone I know...for I have intently looked at the eyes of the other and found their destination elsewhere...

If we were to reason with our "thoughts", if we were to "seek" the questions left unanswered, and If we were to look at the "miracles" happening around us daily... Maybe just maybe "all" would seek the same destination collectively...

Much love

Blessings be



The doorway to dimensions

It moves just as it flows, we live in a state which eventually changes, then  we carry the experience with us always to the next dimension...

It is called "memory" or that "what" makes us... It is this part of you which records the experience, the good and the painful too.

But the painful memories are a more powerful force, as they are always coupled with the emotional wounds. And therefore have an ability to attach their talons deep in our consciousness. 

What really makes one take in the whole new experience of change,  and welcome the infinite force of the sprit around us is, when you walk into the new dimension with a free heart... A light self, free of fears and carrying no emotional burden...

Practice the art of letting go of the residual pain of previous experiences  daily... You were born free of all the emotional complexities and fears and that's how you will enter and absorb the true God Worlds too...

Even this moment now, is as beautiful and divine as the future of your infinite existence... And if it is being marred it is only by the residual forces of your deep rooted painful experiences or fears.

Much love

Blessings be



The Driver’s Seat

You have no right to feel bad for yourself or cry yourself in self pity.

If your analytical mind

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has managed to drown your Being beyond reason, surely it is not doing a good job for you!

People, problems, and situations which bring you down will always exist. But the person in your driving seat, who makes you think the way you do, should not do such a bad job as to bring down your self confidence.

Remove this lousy employee. And replace it with your true identity; that which walks the path of purity and faith; that which has no ulterior motive to entertain your being with fresh positive thoughts; that who loves you first!!!

Cheer up.

And spread happiness around

Much love.

Blessings be.



The Dynamic Power of Choice :-

The world around us, tells us a new story everyday... Things may seem similar but their meanings change every time we interpret the happenings...

What is then "dynamic" is our ability to interpret...

With this dynamic ability to read the same happenings differently, why do we falter and take a one dimensional view of our lives?

It is said and I believe it so, those who

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learn to work with a "choice" on a daily basis are the ones who always chose to better their life each day...

For it is ultimately our choice... Our choice on how we view the happenings around... Our choice on how we view our relationship... Our choice to be in a same mental state or not... And our choice to snap out of bad habits!

So use your dynamic power of "choice" to better your tomorrow... And open your mind a bit more, to have a multiple view of the world around you...

Much love



The Elusive Future

In this dynamic ever changing world we live in, where situations change faster than your reactionary capabilities, it’s foolish to think you will know the outcome of any situation unfolding...

Stop trying to predict the future therefore...

The whole exercise is futile...

The NOW you live in the NOW you breathe is where reality has rooted itself... No matter what your situation is ... Find your happiness in the NOW...setting goals for a future happiness is literally like chasing your own shadow... No matter how fast you run to catch it your shadow will always elude you...

Take in this moment... For this moment also belongs to you and your happiness.

Much love


Blessings be



The Enclosure Of Fear

This crazy feeling of total fear stems out of believing in everything and anything...

Why not investigate for yourself maybe what you have heard could be gossip, lose talk, someone else's insecurities or even someone knowing because you are an easy person to spook is having fun at your expense.

Use discretion, logic and intelligence in times like these...

And avoid passing information to another unless you have filtered it. Be wise you are capable of being so!

Fear not!


Much love



The False Enclosure

Your surroundings are but a counter effect of your thoughts, just as you will it first to move from one room to another of your house, you have to also "Will” it first to change your surroundings.

Nothing on the exterior ever changes by itself.

Concentration along with calmness produces "the” desired effect and that little window of an idea which pops right open after you achieve your concentration along with calmness in the face of adversity is the stairway or the road map of your "Will" taking form. Now all you have to do is move the physical muscle and change your surroundings.

Don't let your surroundings control you. You after all are experiencing your surroundings. Your surrounding is not experiencing you!

Much love

Blessings be



The Faltered Mindset:-

Most intelligent people work backwards, relying on past experiences and past statistics... Major decisions are based on these principles..."Almost everything" they do or even think of doing arises from a particular past...

"Eg: Because a short dark man

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This is the basis how on how the intelligent mind generalizes... And in doing so actually blocks pure spiritual knowledge which is being piled up just outside your limited mindset waiting for you to welcome it...

One of the greatest reasons on why you can't see the workings of God is purely because of this faltered mindset... it's habit of generalizing past events, making you believe that the solution to everything is text book science... Maybe the argument is

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"That's the way the mind works”, but in all reality the limitations of the mind, is where we have confined our existence in.

The direct beaming of spiritual knowledge and the unlocking of finer spiritual dimensions comes with just stopping to generalize everything about your experiences...

You are unique... And so are your life experiences... The hidden meanings and teachings are for you and you alone. Search the spiritual principal behind each event of your life be it good or bad...but welcome this direct communication with God daily...

Much love

Blessings be



The Fraction of the Second

If you really wanted to find justification and comfort in your thoughts, then stretch your thoughts to this.

"You are but living on a definite timeline! When, where or how you will exit this timeline and slip into another will depend purely on how you view your co-relation with the Supreme Being.

It takes years and maybe life times of experience to understand God in all His mystery & glory. Once you do, it takes under a fraction of a second to slip into His pure consciousness.

It is all beyond time space and matter. So to comprehend that glory, you have no yardstick of measure. But if you must it would be just the feeling of pure love which fills the void in your heart. That would be the connection; your true calling; your fate!

Much love

Blessings be



The Gift:-

Giving gifts are a part of many cultures. The give and take of gifts was practiced long ago as an expression of love. "We" in all we do today, also love receiving gifts, gifts of material nature.

That unexpected gift! That receiving something, anything from someone leaves

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us with a very positive sense of well being. But as we start indulging more in this practice without understanding the essence behind the gift...the material gift by itself becomes more important than the essence of what it's meant to carry.

Similarly in a broader sense we never equate our life as a "Gift" from God... we start equating our life with the mundane activities, unimportant issues and sometimes failed relationships or careers start giving into feelings of unsuccessfulness, depression or failures forgetting the essence of life completely...

What is the essence of life? If I were to sum it up in one word it would be "Appreciation" ... "Thank you God for the Gift of Life"

Much love

Blessings be