The Harmonious existence

It is in wonder that you seek an in-depth analysis to things which inspire you...Therefore is no greater inspiration than "love" by itself... Because of its various forms it presents itself in.

But the "Love" which intrigues most of the human race is that of "MAN & WOMAN" to which an understanding is required to put one on the path of contentment in this "Type" of love...

We seek love from another... But what we generally are seeking is "Harmony" a perfect emotional balance thru which a sense of overall well being of an individual can be defined.

Each one of us are either carrying a male force or a female force within... And each force independently is a volatile force... When exposed to the opposite force a vibrational selection in your field of "aura" selects the one who you automatically get "Attracted" to.. This attraction is purely for your force to neutralize itself... To create harmony...

And when reciprocated you sense Caring, kindness, compassion for the person which are all the outcomes of "Harmony" or what we call "love"

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for the person...

A physical relationship should always be an extension of a harmonious relationship... Never seek it the other way round...

More later on this amazing subject called "LOVE"

Much love

Blessings be



The Healing from Within

There are so many ways to see things I have understood.

And it is applicable to every event in our lives.

The more closely you look at a "disturbing" event in your life, the more reasons for it come to light.

Because of the event if you hurt on the inner for longer than required, one must revisit the event mentally and view it from all angles, apply all reason once again, and conclude to blame no one – not even yourself. And this, my friends, is called healing from within.

Much love

Blessings be



The High Thinker

"High thinking" brings other important characteristic to your personality, which by default improves your social skills and blends you seamlessly with self confidence

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and compassion.

What is "High thinking"?

It is your ability to work your imaginative skills to such an extent that you find hidden meanings of Divine love behind each event in your life.

More later

Blessings be



The Hope :-

In the little box of wishes, tucked away in your dreams...the most precious is "Hope"

To "hope" is to seek a brighter tomorrow...

To "hope" is to reignite your passion...

To "hope" is to rekindle faith once more...

To "hope" is to embrace love all

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And remember:-

Losing "hope" means losing everything which makes you human...

Losing "hope" opens the floodgate to negativity...

Losing "hope" is certifying your failure!

Losing "hope" is an act of cowardice in itself!

So be "HOPEFUL" and in doing so, you shall transform into a wonderful person who will eventually bring "Hope" to all the rest...

Much love




The Independent Stride

Most people don't know it but are still reeling under a great pressure called "Dependency"

Yes I do agree that "Dependency" is the basic fabric of societies and cultures, of marriages and relationships, Of families and your group of friends...

But in this very nature of being dependent we find "Comfort" and in doing so we delay the walk of an "Independent" stride...

As time progresses and moves in the forward direction you are quite simply left alone... For many of your people including dependable people would have moved ahead along the same timeline to experience what waits for them...

Being independent starts at the "Thought" level... Before you agree  or disagree on any thought of others evaluate it yourself...and being independent emotionally starts at a "Compassionate" level... For if you can't feel another's emotional pain how can you realize yours and overcome it?

Be dependent if you wish too its a great way to enjoy human interaction... But do realize that the gift of life was a "spiritual one"  and to realize it would entail being independent emotionally and mentally...

Much love

Blessings be



The Internal Jigsaw

Most, if not all, have a vision of the world they "PREFER" to believe in. But "truth", more often than not, is far from our systems of belief.

But established belief systems work best for most people. So where and how can "truth" ever have a chance?

It is said that the interpretation of the word "LOVE" is man’s greatest fallacy – it is a convenient means to an end, or a start of comforting thoughts; and this should never be understood as love.

This ambiguous emotion is mostly the reason for man’s depression.

Search it not in others therefore; for the greatest act of love starts with the acceptance of one’s own limited self. What then is your limited self? It is that part of you which feels incomplete without another person in it; like an incomplete jigsaw where the fitting pieces are in another person’s hands. Accepting your limited self and completing the jigsaw within, through Gods love alone, is what should complete you. For you are never incomplete as long as you welcome the divine power in you; and that is the complete "Truth" by itself!

Much love.

Blessings be.



The Knowledge Within

"For a moment I imagined that I encompassed all the wisdom of the universe, and the flood gates of pure love just filled my being like an overflowing cup; it then left my being pulsating outwards to all that which was alive."

Regard your imagination. It can create the most beautiful illusion and propel you towards a truth far beyond the realities which we consider impossible.

It is said that all there is to know is already there locked within your being. You are just not aware of it yet. You are but asleep consciously to a truth which is waiting to unfold.

 You are "that" which is being imagined in this instant by a power greater than your feeble mind can conceive. Tune into it. Your existence has not happened by chance. It is by design!

Much love

Blessings be



The Language of Love

Language and communication are the most powerful tools that one can hone. The basic language understood by all is that of LOVE.

The completion of total communication in the form of love is understood by all as COMPASSION.

I always wondered if one understood the language of the smallest of living beings from the animal kingdom around them, would one ever harm them. 

Much love

Blessings be



The Magician in You

It's magical – that which touches another's heart.

You would wonder why a stranger was good to you; and because of it you will walk with that elated feeling within you. Maybe carrying that good vibration just so you can pass it on to another stranger who in turn might just might carry that goodness you set of within him for sometime more till it reaches another.

"It's magical” – the goodness within each one of you. You have the power to make another feel good about himself; and In doing so feel the power of LOVE within you by itself.

Practice some magic daily. Trust me, you all are magicians and can create that "Awe" and "wonder" in another's eyes by your gestures of kindheartedness and goodness always.

Much love

Blessings be



The mental commotion

A night so silent... Where has all the commotion gone? Asleep they say... Asleep...

A mind that can quieten as the envelop of darkness blankets the day sky; Is surely not above the universal events which govern the workings of this world.

Our infallible attitude towards the workings of this world and our self imposed beliefs on ourselves and others is the actual cause of great grief and disharmony...

It is not in the minds capacity which will connect the missing link of harmony and happiness in this world... It is; and will arguably be the reason for grief and disharmony...

Your mind is an

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understanding unfolding within its own realities... Trust not it completely... For if you must achieve the desired harmony and happiness... It will surely be the all encompassing universe around you which will nudge you to it... Trust the infinite to bring you to it... Surrender to this infinite for it is already doing what it must for your consciousness development and let your mind sleep this illusionary slumber...

Much love

Good night!