The Nature of Seeking

In my time of silence in my moment of solitude, I burn with the desire of seeking, “anything”. For the whole purpose of seeking or yearning or wanting anything or something gets you, and you are, consumed by it.

Your actions and thoughts; your talk and reactions and just about all your sensory perceptions become alternate realities.

This alternate reality my friends, is what creates the divide between this world you live in and your physical body that you are meant to view this world from.

View the world; just views it without thoughts pertaining to your desires. View it without judging people around; without judging yourself in positive or negative light.

And be ready to see; to view the spectacular sprit of God at work within his creation.

I have seen it and so will you.

Much love

Blessings be



The Nature of the Quest

"Bring me the thirst; take away the water! Give to me lit coal so i can set my foot on it! I fear not the pain & suffering of bodily nature, for I give not heed to my limited knowledge".

I speak to you, oh great consciousness. Call it a prayer from my soul if you must. I have surrendered my will on to you, for in my heart I have felt your presence!

I therefore request oh great Divine, Help me keep my sprit heart open! Help me awaken the spiritual love to do so! I shall be by your side and channel your divinity through eternity.

Signed - A true Seeker.




Read it backwards and you have the word. I have carefully placed these letters backwards so the word itself does not command this message but instead your understanding about it does.

Everything about ourselves is rooted in this word. Your good side and your bad side, your perception of this world and also the retrospect of all your decisions of your life.

You will be experiencing inferiority or superiority complexes and you won't even be aware of it till you truly understand "OGE"

You are to put it in simpler terms, but a sum total of everything you have experienced in this life, what you might have read in books and also the people you have interacted with. So your "OGE" has been quite a random act if looked upon plainly.

If one has to ask me what's the best definition of it... I would like to compare "OGE" to a tempered glass... Where it doesn't crack in two but it shatters and still holds itself together ... Ever noticed a windshield of a car? It's shattered to such tiny pieces that you can't see clearly thru it... just the light shadows make it thru...

That's exactly what happens to our thoughts and ideas, our convictions and our beliefs over a period of time, while living this life... Your "OGE" like the tempered glass starts to shatter little by little...when your very beliefs and convictions are taken apart by your own life experiences... Only then to be replaced by inferiority or superiority complexes...

Your nature has been formed accordingly and people around you are liking you if your ideologies match or disliking you if they don't...

So now after having understood that our "OGE" is more a random outcome, how do we take control of it and start crafting our own "EGO"?

Well it's not that difficult... But you will have to work from a side of yours unknown to the "OGE" that of "HUMILITY"

To humble oneself is to craft your "Ego"... It will be an act for the betterment of oneself and your loved ones...

Remember the path to restructure your entire personality is to humble yourself.

Much love




The Opportunity of the Seeker

It is the falsification of deeds in the name of riotousness and assumptions of success, which have created impregnable bubbles of ideologies.  

The rest who consider themselves unsuccessful, different, radical, or for that matter, plain observers to the happenings around them are indeed the blessed ones. This is because a vision far greater than what is known is being matured within their inner being.

Seek not the external. Just learn to look within, into your own uniqueness.

Much love

Blessings be



The passion of the seeker :-


Passion is not about getting the job done... It's about perfecting it...

If this similar

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principal was to be applied to our higher self "That self which is

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the seeker in all of us" we would never stop at the illusion of the exterior world which we all are a part of...

We would seek further into the depths of creation, we would seek further into the depths of Love, we would seek further into the chambers of knowledge...

Awaken the passion of your seeker within... The "Job" of entering this existence is already done with!

Much love

Blessings be.



The Protection

"The other day I was feeling low and I didn't know why. I walked around in self pity; I walked alone in self doubt; my actions were fine; my intentions too. So why the dissatisfaction? Why the anguish?"

It's often said when one’s awareness is low, and a negative emotional comment from another reaches your ear, though not necessarily directed towards you, one tends to absorb it sub consciously; and that event starts to play out itself bringing you down.

If one has his awareness 24x7 pointed to his higher self, seldom shall such an event shall occur. It's not necessarily that God helped you out; but your constant quest to seek him which protected you from the dissatisfaction within.

Much love

Blessings be



The Protective Clothing

Ever felt worn out? Tired of everything? Exhausted beyond words? & wondered if its cause of your physical health?

Well in all probability it's never just your physical state of being.

For even to feel physically well one has to feel well from within first...

Your thoughts your emotions will heal first and always then the physical self will follow...

So sometimes to wear protective clothing means to just protect your emotions and thoughts... For these two are always under your control...

Read good books interact with positive people even watch movies and tv shows which leave you with a "positive" feel good factor...

You will be in

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the pink of physical health!

Much love


Blessings be



The purity of passion

Let monetary gain not be the reason of your passion...for your passion is in itself a bright spot in your circle of creativity...

This passion has to find its way to work on all levels of your personality so as to uplift your consciousness in its entirety ... by putting a price to what you love doing is actually dimming the bright spot...

Do what you love... Follow your heart... Your passion... You will find grace in doing so... And remember the byproduct of passion is always success... And success can always translate to monetary or spiritual gain..

Much love

Blessings be



The Purpose

If you must include "Purpose" in the dictionary of your life. Do so with utmost care... For "Purpose" by itself is your inner inertia...it is a power to mould your thinking and activate a self taught belief in anything.

Against this backdrop of an illusionary world and time... Your purpose of existence is nothing more than beginning a "Quest" for the ultimate truth...   Which is-

Where were you before you were born and where will you be when physical death claims you?

This purpose if left un-questioned would be living a lie on purpose...

Much love

Blessings Be



The Reciprocal Love

We let ourselves get pained by others. It's never the other way round. Look closely at yourself, why are you the way you are?

Here is what I think.

You, with all your intelligence and righteousness, have overlooked that simple facet to yourself – that which is "love and trust". This is actually the joker in your pack of cards (metaphorically); and you tend to play it with every hand of yours.

"Love and trust" are those special things which you have been blessed with; the more you use these, the less you will posses of it, that is, if it is not reciprocated.

So use this God given quality wisely. If you want an abundance of this sweet nectar, use it to love the Supreme Being unconditionally! God reciprocates 10 fold.

Much love

Blessings be