The Asking

"Every day I die a little and yet I don't know it".

It is not that sudden death which is the obvious you must fear or question, but that which slowly chips away your dreams & your beliefs.

You take with you an experience of a day every night when you sleep.

What did you gain? What did you lose? What was the reason of pain? Why were you joyous?

A life not questioned is actually a life not realized!

Much love

Blessings be



The Awakening

As the day passes and as the time flows into an eternal abyss, you move ahead in spiritual quantum.

You left behind your experiences for others to learn from and made place for the inexperienced to take birth where you once stood.

Birth, childhood, youth, middle age and old age has little to do with numbers; on the contrary, these must be used as yardsticks to measure up in Gods Kingdom of eternal life.

Pride not yourself with youth; for every second there is but another younger born.

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Fear not the unseen realm of death; for eternity has always been by your side.

Awaken! Awaken! Awaken! You are but on a timeless journey of "Love and Life"

Much love

Blessings be



The bond


Your emotional bonding should never

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be to a point of your vulnerabilities...

If you must, do try and strengthen these very same friendships and relationships by carrying your own

Emotional burden...

Much love




The Book of Desire



Sitting in solitude under a great oak tree, watching the river run ahead of me

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and feeling the wind deflect from the mountains just beyond.

I reflect upon my book of desires, studying every page of it.

I notice the similarities in every page, that of "the correlation of contentment". – Contentment being an experience of happiness.

I shut this book, just as I shut out my desires, and question – Why must my contentment be found in "Desires; and if it must, why not desire the "simply achievable"?

Why not desire to love unconditionally, give unconditionally and forgive unconditionally?

One may disregard and claim the above to be difficult. But compared to the book of desires you hold in your heart, it’s the simpler way to contentment!

Much love

Blessings be



The breath of life

If I have felt close to an unseen force... "That which has always mystified my existence"

Is solely because I have seen thru the seen forces of my life!

It's been said in so

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many ways... And yet the illusion has blinded every human eye...

You are and will always be at his mercy... It is a power so great... So mightily immense... That even every breath of your life and the life of your loved ones is because of his grace... His will...

Breath in his precious love... Breath out his worthy praise... Glorify your existence by this itself... He deemed you fit to be blessed with life...and therefore you have no right to think anything less about yourself...or others too!

Much love

Blessings be



The Build Of Character.

He had an opinion about everything...but decided on nothing! He waited to see which way the crowd went and then took center stage to proclaimed a known lie that he was the "first" to make the decision!

Recognize these individuals, they are amongst us, might even be within us...

"Character building" starts with making decisions, not just having empty opinions and discussions about the trivial issues which influence our lives...

So make a "decision" today no matter what the outcome...

And experience your inner strength grow, which will eventually gift you with the brightest jewel called "Character"

For only when you walk the path would you know the pathways...

Much love

Blessings be



The camouflaged greed


You want and want and want for more... And then you ask for a little more...just a little more...Then you strive for some more till "more" becomes you...

What is it about greed that we can't see? It is that... it has taken the identical shape of us... The "More" within us

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camouflaged in the garb of ambition...

Yes go on fulfill your dreams... "Everyone must" but when the outcomes of your struggle are met with unprecedented failures remember it's the "More" within you which is crying out the pain!

Let it be... Recognize it...for the true voice of success is always a harmonious interlink between your dreams and your conviction... And it resonates as a constant happiness too in the face of failures!

For in reality we all are truly above the events and forces which are at play in this world... And this we know and recognize it in our own moment of solitude

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and silence..

Much success

Blessings be


The Creator’s Vision

He comes in ways unknown to many. Shall posses the being of a mortal to blend amongst you: How would you know if "that" man who knocked on your door and asked for a piece of bread was none other than the embodiment of God Himself?

How have "you" defined the carrier of light – and his greatness, in your assumptions?

I can't imagine this perfectly created world with all different forms of life; the immense beauty and colors

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not being visited by the creator Himself on a daily basis.

Or could it be that it is not much of a mystery if we assume that each one of us when we think of the creator, our eyes become the window for the creator Himself to perceive His Word.

Much love

Blessings be..


The Debt

All of us, each one of us who walks this earth does so cause of a great burden of debt with certain people... Call it karma if you must... But people who we are connected to, without our own independent choice, all fall in this category...

They are our grand parents, parents our brothers sisters and our children...

We will never understand why fate chose them for us... But if you pay close attention you will come to realize that, these are the very same people in our lives who, "We have expectations from" and the pain which arises when our expectations are not met sometimes is not easy to digest ... Or forget!

God has chosen a certain network of these very people to walk with us... The disharmony caused by our expectations, fragment the smooth inter winding of feelings with them causing an inner unbalance... Which in turn affects our personalities..

Expect less from this network of people... Reduce your pain in doing so ,for all you know they too have expectations from you which have not been met and are silently in pain too...

Harmonize this network for its a God given design for you to work on...every negative thought about them must be addressed first, neutralized and eventually harmonized for its the long time overdue debt which must be cleared first... 

Much Love

Blessings be



The Defining Moment Of Change

The coming of change... Would u ever accept it? Or would you hold on to your ritualistic patterns where you thrive in comfort?

Change is always met with caution and sometimes ridicule...because it compels us to deal with a very realistic matrix of thought provoking concepts!

I know I am changing every second... & this change is also for the better because

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my old ideologies are either being validated or being eradicated from my consciousness!

Fear not the winds of change in your life I say... For change

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always brings a basket full of fresh new experiences for you to grow in sprit.

Much love


Blessings be